Find out what your friends truly think and share back, while being completely anonymous!

Discover Layers: the tool which gives communication a new meaning. No more lies. Just the truth.

Discover new layers

Find out what your friends really think about personal subjects and real life situations

Choose to be anonymous

You can choose to have a hidden identity in order to find out or share nothing but the truth

Invite your friends

You can invite as many friends as you want on Layers simply by sending a SMS

Simple and fast login

Use only your phone number to login. Simple as that. Everytime you login in the future, your data will be saved.
No need for passwords. We wanted to make the process as simple as possible, that's why all you will need is to verify your phone number and you're good to go.

Security is our first priority

Our server uses an advanced encryption system to process requests. Also, end-to-end message encryption is in place.
The encryption we are using both client-side and server-side uses a strong hash algorithm, while making the encrypted data unavailable for any intruders. This way, your data is 100% secure.

Be anonymous. Guaranteed.

You won't know who sends you a topic. And no one will know your identity when you reply. Not even us.
When you're creating a topic you're given the possibility to choose between having your identity hidden or not. Either way, the identity of your respondents will be hidden. Even though, please mind the topic's content, as you might get blocked.

One-to-one topics

You will be able to ask a friend of yours questions privately, without revealing your identity.
With this special option, you are able to send a topic to a specific contact of yours, without him/her knowing your identity. This way you will be able to get his/her real thoughts on the issue. The respondent will be notified when a topic is one-to-one, as his/her replies won't be anonymous this time.

Start using Layers right now!

Peel off the layers of truth by chatting anonymously with your friends in just a few seconds!

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